My Favourite Part of My Last Vacation

Saturday, 17 February 2024     Reading time: 1 minute

Reflecting on my favourite day from my last holiday, and why that is

What was your favorite part of your last vacation?

My favourite part of my last vacation[1] was going on a diving trip to the Mercury Islands, off the coast of Whitianga.

Not just because they were two great dives - best I've had in New Zealand by far, with masses of demoiselle[2], moray eels, a crayfish, a great buddy, funny and friendly crew, and interesting sites.

The reason this day was my favourite is because I went on a dive trip with people I love.

Sure, the other three snorkelled, while I dived, but that didn't matter at all.

It was having us all together, happy, out there on a boat, in the real world, doing adventurous things, doing things we love to do, in a far flung spot, with other people who love those things too.

It was the togetherness that made it special.

Getting out on the water is good.

Getting out on the water with my loved ones is fantastic.

Surface interval near Needle Rock, NE of Whitianga
Surface interval near Needle Rock, NE of Whitianga

  1. This post was my response to Week #4 of Rands Writing Prompts ↩︎

  2. First encounter with demoiselle. Similar to blue mao mao, but have two prominent white dots. ↩︎